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Winter ACMV performs quality Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) services such as design, installation, and maintenance for various residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Headquartered in Yangon, Myanmar, Winter ACMV serves both public and private clients throughout Myanmar.

System Design

With our proven expertise and modern practices, we ensure that your ACMV systems are designed for both trustworthy performance and compliance to modern engineering standards.


Correct implementation to design specifications is a key component of any successful project. Our experienced and professional teams provide consistent high-quality installation of ACMV systems with an agile workflow.


We offer comprehensive, worry-free support and maintenance contracts to ensure smooth operation of any ACMV system. 


Our experts who are affiliated with organizations such as ASHRAE and CQHP provide sound technical advice on systems and standards compliance in Myanmar based on many decades of quality experience.


Precision engineering requires accurate analysis. We provide the know-how required for system optimization and achieving building energy efficiency goals.

Advanced Design

Our design capabilities now feature cooling load calculations on an hourly basis and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of HVAC/ACMV systems.

1 day ago
The Best Kept Secret in Construction | Michael Johnson | TEDxDavenport

အလြန္တရာေကာင္းေသာ video ေလးမို႔လို႔မွ်ေ၀အပ္ပါသည္။


The construction industry is much more than just “swinging a hammer”. Technology adoption is rapidly changing the way we deliver the built environment. Throu...

3 days ago
BIM – နမူနာပံုစံအသစ္

BIM-The New Paradigm blog post ကိုစိတ္၀င္စားသူမ်ားသည္႔အတြက္ေၾကာင္႔ဘာသာျပန္ထားေသာ version ... See more

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1 week ago
What to Consider When Selecting BIM Software

BIM နည္းပညာကိုအသံုးျပဳမယ္ဆိုရင္လိုအပ္ခ်က္မ်ားအတြက္သင့္ေတာ္ေသာ software ... See more

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2 weeks ago
Photos from Winter ACMV's post

BIM နည္းပညာနွင္႔ပတ္သက္ျပီးအ ေသးစိတ္ discussion လုပ္ေနပံု

2 weeks ago
BIM-The New Paradigm

ႏိုင္ငံႏွင႔္ေဆာက္လုပ္ေရး၀န္ၾကီးဌာနတြင္ေခတ္စားေနေသာ BIM (Building Information Modeling) ... See more

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3 weeks ago
ေဆးရံုႀကီးမ်ားႏွင့္က်န္းမာေရးေစာင့္ေရွာက္မႈစင္တာမ်ားတြင္ Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) ေကာင္းမြန္ေစရန္အတြ

ဒီေန႔ေတာ႔စာဖတ္သူမ်ားဖတ္ရွုဖို႔အဆင္ေျပရန္ အရင္က blog post ၁ ... See more

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1 month ago

၂၀၁၉ ခုႏွစ္ ဇူလိုင္လ ၁၉ ရက္ေန႔မွာ က်ေရာက္တဲ့ (၇၂) ႀကိမ္ ေျမာက္ ... See more

1 month ago
Project Spotlight-Safety in HVAC/ACMV Engineering

ACMV လုပ္ငန္းမ်ားတြင္ safety နဲ႔ ... See more

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1 month ago

Happy Waso Full Moon Day!
၀ါဆိုလျပည့္ေန႔ တြင္ရႊင္လန္းခ်မ္းေျမ႔ပါေစေၾကာင္း Winter ACMV ... See more

1 month ago
Design Spotlight: Engineering Simulation is the New Normal

ေခတ္မွီေသာ ၂၁ ရာစု အင္ဂ်င္နီယာမ်ားတိုင္း technical simulation ... See more

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